Course curriculum

  • 2

    MODULE 2: Introduction to PBIS

  • 3

    MODULE 3: Establishing Schoolwide Expectations

    • MODULE 3: Establishing School Wide Expectations

    • Why To Have Common Behavioral Expectations

    • How to Establish Schoolwide Expectations

    • TASK: Create Your Schoolwide Behavioral Expectation Matrix

    • TASK: Create Posters & Signage for Your School

    • MODULE 3: Support Materials

    • BONUS VIDEO: How to Tame a Chaotic Cafeteria

  • 4

    MODULE 4: Teaching Schoolwide Expectations

    • MODULE 4: Teaching Schoolwide Expectations

    • Why Do We Need to Teach Expectations?

    • How to Teach Expectations?

    • When to Teach Expectations

    • Video Examples - Elementary Lessons

    • Video Examples - Secondary Lessons

    • MODULE 4 Tasks

    • TASK: Create Lesson Plans to Teach Expectations

    • TASK: Create an Annual Schedule to Teach and Review Behavioral Expectations

    • MODULE 4: Support Materials

  • 5

    MODULE 5: Creating a Positive School Environment

    • MODULE 5: Creating a Positive School Culture

    • BONUS Video: Positive Reinforcement for Online Classrooms

    • BONUS Video: Greeting Students at the Door: Is it worth the extra time?

    • BONUS Video: Rewards Work Better Than Punishment - a great example!

    • MODULE 5: Support Materials

  • 6

    MODULE 6: Building a Positive Classroom

    • MODULE 6: Positive Classrooms

    • What NOT to Do for Classroom Management

    • MODULE 6: Support Materials

  • 7

    MODULE 7: Responding to Challenging Behavior

    • MODULE 7: Responding to Challenging Behavior

    • How to Call Home for Misbehavior

    • How to Correct Behavior with the Simple Correction Sequence

    • BONUS VIDEO: Student Misbehavior in Distance Learning and What we Can do About it!

  • 8

    MODULE 8: Systematic Supervision

    • MODULE 8: Systematic Supervision

    • Systematic Supervision Elementary

    • Systematic Supervision Middle & High School

  • 9

    MODULE 9: Using Data for Decisions

    • MODULE 9: Using Data for Decisions

  • 10

    MODULE 10: Celebration!

    • MODULE 10: TASKS

    • TASK: Download your Certificate

Your Instructor

Laura Mooiman, LCSW

Laura Mooiman, LCSW is an American based in The Netherlands who specializes in international educational consulting. Laura holds a Masters in Social Work degree from University of California Los Angeles, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), and has over 20 years’ experience in the US as a school district administrator, social worker in elementary, middle, and high schools, special education, County Probation, County Mental Health, Child Protective Services, and in Private Practice. Laura is a consultant for multiple NIH and IES research grants and a recipient of two US Congressional Recognition for Outstanding Service to the Community in 2007 and 2015. Laura is a Restorative Practices Trainer, trained by the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP), a Registered Qualified Trainer for the European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ) and a consultant to schools and districts internationally.